Mini Strawberry Cupcake (& a custom order)

It’s been a while since i posted photos of my mini. Here’s Mini Yaney with my latest FO:


A mini strawberry cupcake (free pattern from Moji-Moji Design). Well… in her case, it doesn’t look too mini at all. In fact, now that i look at the photo, it looks like Mini Yaney is holding a regular sized cake. Hehe…

Anyway, i didn’t have any DK yarn in the desired colours so i used a fingering weight yarn instead. I did use a 3.75mm hook (coz i don’t have a 3.5mm hook and i didn’t want the cupcake to turn out too small by using a 3mm hook). The final cupcake measures about 4cm in diameter and about 5cm tall. Do you think it’ll make a cute pin cushion?

Yesterday i finished a custom order for 5 felt card holders. Here they are:


Cutting small pieces of felt is no joke! I’m happy that they turned out cute. 😉

Well that’s all from me for now. Time to turn off the light and make a trip to Zzz land.


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