Wawa Doll loom version (& other updates)


My friend, Sandra, lent me her 24 peg circular loom. I watched a few youtube videos on how to cast on (i followed along), make loom hats & doll. As i watched, my hands just kept on looming without really following. I ended up with this. Hehe… The hair is a flower loom made using novelty yarn. It’s pretty easy to make but uses quite a lot of yarn.

We had two Wawa Doll meet ups this month. Here are the dolls that gathered:



Aren’t they just adorable? I absolutely love them!

I’ve been rather busy making stuffs to sell come 5 May – 5 Jun 2015. Actually i am not too sure how much stock i should have. Any suggestions?

I also made a family of dolls but i can’t post a photo up yet coz the customer wants it to be a surprise for the wife’s birthday.

Talk about birthday, my niece’s birthday was yesterday and i made this for her:


She used it when she went out today. 🙂 (if you are interested, you can purchase the fabric from Spoonflower).

And i just have to share this with all of you:


Aren’t they just kawaii? My swap partner, Farhana, gave these to me. She printed the fabric and painted “me”.

That’s it from me. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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