Wawa Doll meet up & Amigurumei meet-n-greet

We had a Wawa Doll meet up today. It’s a smaller turn out compared to the previous sessions. But it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t fun coz it was! 😉 Plus some of those who came for the previous meet ups came down to drop off their completed Wawa Doll to us. Here’s the headcount for now (these are only the ones done by public participants. Those done by the organizing team are not featured here):


I really love how others injected various personalities to the Wawa Dolls. I especially love the granny with her ‘pasar’ trolley and the gorgeous Robyn doll with the suitcase and flirty lashes. We have collected about 17 Wawa Dolls. That means we still need another 33. We should be able to get the number by June.

I also went to Amigurumei’s meet-&-greet session. She’s the author of the Hello Kitty Crochet book. She brought along her amigurumis and they are all soooo cute.


Aren’t they just adorable? I love the way she uses brads for the cheeks and some of the eyes.


Of course i had to ask her to sign my copy of her book! I even showed her my Wawa Dolls. =D
… and made her amigurumis pose in photos with mine:



It really is a yarn filled Saturday! Hope your weekend is as wonderful as mine!


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