A variety of coffee cup sleeves (& other stuffs)

I haven’t been holding my hook since i finished the corner to corner scarf. Instead i’ve been working with felt (and the fabric i designed and ordered from spoonflower.com).

Here are the coffee cup sleeves that i made totally from scratch. Yup! You heard me right. I didn’t print off the template for it off the net (coz my old lappy can’t sync with my new printer). Neither did i use a cafe given one for the template (coz i don’t drink coffee).


What do you think? I really love the animal shapes.

I also made another coaster and card case.



And… because i was bored on a Saturday morning, i made this koala earphones holder:


I love working with felt! But i do miss my hook. 😅


6 thoughts on “A variety of coffee cup sleeves (& other stuffs)

    1. Thanks Rebecca. Now if only i could get my ATC groove back. 😟 I have done some cards halfway but am uninspired to continue at the moment.

      1. Sometimes I troll thru Pinterest for inspiration, do you do Pinterest?
        I have a whole board dedicated to ATC’s. Let me know if you want a linky :0

      2. This was ages ago and i realized i haven’t replied to you! 😱 I do apologize. Can i have the link to your Pinterest board?

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