Ronald Weasley softie

I received the fabric i designed and ordered from spoonflower.
Squeee!!! It’s Harry Potter and friends! They are meant to be softies (or if you prefer the word “plushie”) but when i looked at the printed Hermione, i thought i’d make her into something more functional. Harry too. So i started on Ron first. Here’s what i did…
Cut along the grey outline. Place right sides together and try to align them as best as possible. I do apologize that because it is hand drawn, the front and back pieces don’t really match perfectly.

Sew all around leaving the bottom part open (for turning and stuffing). I handsew mine but you can machine sew yours.
Cut notches at the curved part (ie the head) and clip the parts indicated by the red arrows. Be careful not to accidentally cut the thread. These will make the softie look nice and smooth when you turn it inside out.
Once you have turned it right side out, stuff it bit by bit till you have enough. Fold in the bottom part and use ladder stitch to close the opening.
Taadaa! My very own Ronald Weasley softie! If you want to make one for yourself, head on to Harry Potter buddies fabric design on Spoonflower


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