Ripple scarf and Waving to granny hat

It took me long enough (almost 3 weeks) to finish this scarf:


Feels good to finish it. I seem to have trouble finishing items that just go on and on. ^^; Anyone has the same issue as me? If anyone is interested, this scarf was made using this Lion Brand free pattern. I’ll be starting another scarf later. This one and the one to be made will be donated to those who need them in Thailand.

A friend on Ravelry earburned me and asked if i would take up her challenge of making a hat (or more) for charity. Of course i had to take up thr challenge. But since we don’t have extremely cold temperatures here (actually we don’t have cold temperatures unless you walk into a room with the aircon blasting), i told her that i will make the hats and send them to her so that she can give them to those who needs them. To make a hat is defintiely faster than to make a scarf. Here’s the first finished hat made from this pattern:


Edited to add at 1735hrs:
Hats are really quick makes!!! Here’s one made from a pattern on Ravelry by Valerie Whitten:


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