Handbags and Headbands

Mom & I are invited to a dinner this Saturday. The dresscode is Batik (a special kind of cloth which is usually hand drawn in Malaysia / Indonesia). So i upcycled and old tee and made a bag for myself.



Mom saw the bag and requested one for herself.


All of these are hand sewn coz i couldn’t be bothered to set up the sewing machine. Honestly speaking i wasn’t really sure how to go about making them. I just went with the flow and experimented as i went along. Hence, giving myself the nickname “experimental seamstress” (i just googled it and nobody seem to have claimed that nick for themselves online). 😉

I also finished two headbands: one for a three month old baby and another for a newborn. I hope they fit.


That’s it for now. I have a scarf WiP to finish for charity and a custom order for hairclips. Have a yarny good day everyone!


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