Bunyboo the Hungry Bunny Bookmark and Wawa Doll roundup

We had another Wawa Doll workshop/meet up session today. I managed to finish up the Hungry Bunny bookmark (a Cute&Kaboodle pattern) before i went out of the house.


It really is super cute! Although i have to admit it was a bit fiddly coz i have not used such small hooks (1.5 & 2.25…ok maybe they are not ThaT small) in such a long time.

Back to the Wawa Doll meet up… it was a smaller group this time and it was held in the west side of Singapore (the previous 2 meet ups were in the central area). Today’s group worked faster and managed to join the body and head by the end of the session. I’ll just let the photos do the talking:


Since it is end of the month, i thought i should do a round-up of the Wawa Dolls that has been posted online:


Photo credit goes to the various people who have made these Wawa Dolls. Which is your favourite?

How can i forget my own creations! Here’s my Wawa Doll community as of today:


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