Making hair & attaching eyes for the Wawa Doll

I’ve had more than a few enquiries on how to make the hair using the alternative method as suggested in my pattern. So here is the way i did the hair for Kara the Wawa Doll.


1. Wind yarn around a piece of card. Use a short card for short hair and long card for long hair. I used two cards: short one for the fringe and long one for the main hair. Ensure that the yarn is wound nicely (try to line them up next to each other and then wind another layer over the first one).
2. Use sewing thread and backstitch the yarn on one end of the card.
3. Snip off the yarn at the other end of the card.
4. Place the fringe on the head. Position it properly before using backstitch to sew it in place.
5. Sew another row of backstitch along the hairline (so that the fringe doesn’t flip too far back).
6. Repeat steps 2-3 for the main hair. Position it over the fringe, with the first strand of hair covering the backstitch at the hairline.
7. Backstitch the main hair in place. If the hair is not thick enough for your liking, just wind more yarn around the long card and repeat steps 1-3&6-7.

Now for the method i use to fix the eyes.


1. Make a double stitch in the same place. (Ok… i’m not sure if it is called a double stitch. If you are not sure what i’m talking about, check this site.)
2. Snip off the excess thread.
3. Thread the eye and sew it in place with about 5 or more stitches.
4. Pull the needle through to the position of the next eye.
5. Repeat step 3 for the other eye.
6. Make a double stitch right next to the eye to end off. Snip off the thread close to the face.

You are done! Hope this helps you in finishing your Wawa Doll (or any doll/amigurumi that needs hair and eyes)!


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