A good start to 2015

How was your first day of 2015?
Mine was pretty low key – watched tv, ate my meals, drew some stuffs, played with nieces and nephew, paid my mobile phone bill…
I did do something productive: uploaded 3 new designs on spoonflower.com.


What do you think? It’s not officially on sale yet. But i’m working on one more design before i buy a test swatch. Then you guys can order them as fat quarters or buy in yards.

Here are my plans for this year:


Yeah… i left my usual 8to5 gig coz of some issues. Anyway, i won’t dwell in the details. I look forward to your support!

Oh ya! Before i forget…for those of you who lovesss statistics:


I published only 1 pattern last year (my very first one). This year, i hope to publish 12 amigurumi patterns. 😉

Last but not least, i saw this on instagram:


So here’s to the Year of Crochet! Have a fun time hooking, everyone!


3 thoughts on “A good start to 2015

  1. As-salaamu’alaykum sis!!
    OMG you crocheted 254 items!!! in one year! holy moly! that’s awesome. I think I crocheted 3 ….but let’s not talk about it…LOL…. but one is a bunny, I’ll post it one of these days.

    Love the fabric designs!! tabarak’Allah. I’ve always wanted to try doing one…clearly not motivated enough. One day, insha’Allah.


    1. Wasalam sis! Jazakallahu khairan.
      I look forward to your bunny post and fabric designs. =)
      May your 2015 be filled with lots of craft and crochet moments & blessings from Him.

      1. Ameen. Aww, thank you Yaney, and you too!…insha’Allah I’ll tag you on FB with the bunny…hopefully I remember xx

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