October is here

It’s already the 4th of October here in sunny island Singapore (though i shouldn’t use sunny at the moment coz the sky is overcast and it was raining this morning). It’s also the 1st weekend in October. And i must say that it is a good start to the weekend.

I went to the post office just now (after the rain stopped) to collect two parcels. Wootz!!! I love getting mail (and i’m not talking about bills and flyers), don’t you?


One is a Freshstitches kit club package and another is the swap package from LaChapa on Ravelry.

The swap was called Super Ami Smash Bros and we were supposed to send any geeky/nerdy stuffs according to our partner’s inner nerd. I absolutely live the stuffs she sent over. Here’s a pix of everything:


Guess who the amis are…no. sorry…no prizes for getting the right answers. =p
They are Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall!!! I absolutely love Dumbledore. Especially since he is wearing his blue robe (which is my fav colour).


I also love the card that comes with it. Reminds me of the scene where Harry had to chase the Winged Keys to get to the philosopher’s stone.
Here’s another thing i absolutely love love love:


Thanks a million, LaChapa! I absolutely love my package. It great having you as a swap partner.

Now on to the next package…my kit club package comes with the yarn, eyes and pattern to make Gordon the flamingo. I don’t have this pattern yet and am eager to make him (especially since Stacey included a rattle insert in the package)!



It’s a long weekend with a public holiday (Eid ul Adha) on Monday. Yay!!! To all muslim readers out there, have a blessed Eid. If you are doing korban, may it be accepted. For everyone else, enjoy October & thank you for reading! 😉


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