Kooky the slug and a pseudo-ami mushroom

I received my Freshstitches kit club #9 package on Wednesday. It contained eight 8-yards hanks of wool yarn, safety eyes, the pattern for Hannah the slug & a snail-shaped measuring tape. The snail-shaped measuring tape is oh-so-adorable (see photo below with the pseudo-ami mushroom). Here’s the yarn in this kit club package:


Here’s the finished ami:


Kooky the slug is born!!! I gave him “cookie monster eyes”. Actually, i couldn’t decide what kind of eyes to put on him. So i posted the folowing photo on Instagram (for those who are interested, my IG username is @bisukiut) and let my followers decide.


Everyone (with the exception of one) voted for option a a.k.a. cookie monster eyes. 😉

Since i user a smaller hook size than the one recommended (i didn’t like the holes made when i used the one stated in the pattern), i had some extra yarn. So i made this pseudo-ami mushroom (free pattern at Sweet N’ Cute Creations):


Why the term “pseudo-ami”? Coz it does not use any stuffings at all! The designer is a genius! I am sooo going to make more of these and send them to the yarn bombing event at Essex (which i am hoping to mail the package out on next tuesday).


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