Nothing to do with yarn

Hie everyone! Hope everyone is well and good. June was a really busy month at work with holiday programmes and extra events. I am glad that is over.

Now i’m sure you’ve heard of the Rainbow Loom. It’s the “in” thing now. So i just had to give it a try. I started out by making simple bracelets.


Then a friend posted on FB a photo of a fireman made out of rubberbands. She said that there are tons of youtube video tutorials on how to make loom characters. I checked them out and have thus far tried these:


Okay wait… let me rewind a bit. I didn’t make the above ones first. I started out with something small and what i thought were simpler ones.



The camera (modified it by using double bands instead of single bands that have been looped), ladybug and Eiffel Tower above were my first few makes and since they were rather small, i decided to attach them to my bracelets.
The bunny head in the second pix above is partially my own design. I followed a tutorial to make a baby bunny. When i was taking the bands off the loom, i realized there were a couple that i forgot to hook!!! So i had to scrap the whole thing and only managed to salvage the ears, eyes & nose. Not wanting to waste time turning on the iPad and watching the video all over again (it was a 30 min tutorial), i decided to try making my own design. Hence the rabbit is born!

It was cool to design my own character, so i tried a few more. What do you think of these:


The bird is supposed to be an owl (but turned out more like a penguin or just a bird), the other two are cats (in case you couldn’t figure them out coz i know they look kinda strange). I know… i still have lots of improvements to make. 😉

Thanks for reading this rather long post! To the Muslim readers out there, have a blessed Ramadhan. To everyone else, happy midweek!!!


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