Yarnbombing at Senja-Cashew CC

After much contemplation on whether or not to go to the yarnbombing session today, i ended up going. Here are the squares that i brought along for the event:



Plus a T-rex applique which i made using a free pattern on the web (sorry i can’t remember which website it is from):


The journey was shorter than i anticipated (about 1hr 30min). Went there via Woodland. I even had time for breakfast with Flat Stanley before going to the yarnbombing event. 😉


We spent the morning joining up the squares. The group making the cardboard T-rex were still assembling it when i left at 12.30pm. Today’s group consisted of quite a number of familiar faces and a few new ones. There were two guys… one very adapt with sewing and another could come up with gorgeous squares off the top of his head. I am impressed.

There will be another session at Senja-Cashew CC on 13 July 2014 from 10am. Unfortunately, i don’t think i’ll be able to make it. But for those of you who can, do make your way down and join in the fun!


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