Yarn bombing (& my first attempt at teaching someones to crochet)


180 squares makes a 245 inches long scarf for a brontosaurus (shown above). We had a huge turnout of 20 people (ok ok.. maybe not that huge but it is definitely more people than the last round) who made the squares and joined them up. We even had extra for 2 smaller scarves which the T-rex skeleton decided to run away with coz it took a liking to them.


I had the opportunity to teach a guy (& a few others) how to crochet. I taught him to make a granny square. While teaching him, it made me more aware of what i do when i crochet coz at first he had difficulty in pulling the yarn through the loop just to make a chain. This is his first FO:


It’s a granny triangle!!! Hahahaha… i made the mistake of getting distracted and trying to teach two more ladies who wanted to make SCs. So the ladies managed to get their SCs and the guy got a granny triangle. Oh well~ He wasn’t disheartened and did a second attempt. It became a lopsided granny square coz he forgot the 3 chains that starts a new round. His 3rd attempt was perfect! Sorry i forgot to take photos of the squares. I tried teaching another guy but he can’t quite get the hang of holding the yarn… and he probably wasn’t that interested. So he gave up halfway. To his credit, he did manage to make some chains.

Oh ya! I almost forgot… here are the photos of the yarn bombing today:




The next yarnbombing adventure will be all the way in Senja-Cashew Community Centre on 22 June. It’s so far away from where i live. 0_o


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