Pandas, Tubby the tabby and WiP

It’s a Vesak Day public holiday here in Singapore. I feel pretty productive today since i finished quite a few items.
My colleague ordered some panda items (to be done before June) and i managed to design and make two of them.
Panda magnets!!! Yay! I wanted the magnet to be hidden inside the panda’s head but the yarn’s too thick…reducing the magnetism. So i settled by gluing a magnet to the back of the pandas.

I also finished another Tubby the tabby. Tubby sure is popular.
This one is slightly larger than the mini Tubby i made recently. Very nice size for a stress buddy (at least it is for my palm size).

You remember the yarnbombing group? Our second meet up is coming soon. I’ve made some rectangles using plarn (yes! I finally made plarn!) mixed with yarn.

I still have a ball of plarn. I’ll probably make more.

Oh yes! I realized that i have not shown you my Hurly-burly. It’s still a WiP though and i’m not even halfway done. =p


That’s it for now. I should sleep now. After a long weekend, the thought of having to report to work in the morning is not very appealing. I wana make more craft items! >_<

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