Squares and books

Finished this square yesterday.


It’s a pattern called basket of berries on Ravelry. I added a round of treble stitch since mine was slightly smaller than 12″.

I’ve also finished the following squares for our next round of yarnbombing at the Singapore Science Centre:


Sorry the photo is kind of dark. It was taken indoors at night. I should have waited for morning but i was too eager to take a photo. Hehe…

Went to Kinokuniya yesterday. Wasn’t really planning to buy any books. But when i saw the Super Scary Mochimochi book, took it off the shelf and flipped through the pages…i just had to buy it. The Mochimochis inside are soooo cute!!! Not super scary at all. I immediately started on the Hurly Burly monster. 😉 Of coz it’s going to take a while before i finish it coz i’m a slow knitter.


As you can see, I also bought Simply Crochet magazine coz of the dreamcatcher freebie. I guess i’m going to have a very busy time fibre crafting this weekend. 😉


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