WiPs, yarnbombing and more

Well… can you believe that it’s already May? Since today is the 1st of May, we have a public holiday (known as Labour Day) here in Singapore. Yay!!! Finally a day for me to spend playing hooky finally get my hook going.

First thing i did was wake up at the same time as when i have to work. Hahahaa… so much for a rest day. I had to wake up early coz i had to travel from one end of SG to the other for a meet up. I can’t remember if i mentioned this before but i have committed to being part of a yarnbombing mission. Today was the first meet up. There were about 8 of us (including me). We crochet/knit some things for the first hour, then went on to install it at the entrance of the Singapore Science Centre. Here are some photos:



If you see these colourful railing, i hope it brings a smile on your face. =) We’ll be meeting again on the 2nd last Saturday of this month. All of us are given “homework”: make as many 4inch squares as possible so that it can be joined to yarnbomb a life-size dinosaur. Can’t wait!

Now i’m trying to finish the 5 mini Tubby the tabby. I’ve made all the parts since a week or so ago but i can’t seem to get in the mood to sew them together. Tsk tsk… here’s how far i’ve gotten:


I do hope to finish it by this weekend. Then i can work on another custom order…a biker boy and a girl ami.

Yesterday i came home from work to find a parcel in my room. Mom thought i had ordered something online. I thought it was the mystery swap doll. It was neither. The package was from Leslie who sent me two Winter Olympics crochet items.


Aren’t they just lovely? They are the gifts that i was promised for participating in the Ravellenic. Thanks, Leslie!


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