Minis and mop top on holiday

I went to Bandung, Indonesia for a vacation last week. Guess who tagged along…


MiniBren, MTyaney and miniMichelle! That’s a photo of my hotel room. Actually it was more like a service apartment (with a living room and a kitchen). There are two other bedrooms (which are occupied by my friend, Linda, and her family members).


I brought out one ami at a time when i went sight seeing. MTyaney had lunch with me at a nearby food court. Food was good but the service was slow. We took the becha (a trishaw) back to the hotel after shopping at Pasar Baru. The photo with the deer was taken at the Istana Rusa in Bogor. I love the sceneries! Rolling green hills, crystal clear water, mountains…


It was pleasant to see crochet items sold as souvenirs (at Tangkuban Perahu). The wind was super strong up this volcano.


And the cool temperature was perfect at this crater lake known as Kawah Putih. (That’s Linda’s lil girl in the photos with miniBren).

If you were to ask me what’s good to do in Bandung… I would say sight seeing (you MUST go to Kawah Putih!), shopping (lots of distro aka distribution outlets and factory outlets, plus you can haggle the price at some places) & local cuisine (try the Sundanese dishes).


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