Tarepanda, kokeshi doll and (lots of) other FOs



Tarepanda and kokeshi doll are finally done. I’ve been putting them off for far too long. Tarepanda just needed his eyes and kokeshi doll needed her string of beads. Both are free patterns i found on Ravelry.
I modified tarepanda’s ears and tail coz i found them to be too big. As for the kokeshi doll…her pattern was in French (which i only know a couple of words that doesn’t have anything to do with crochet). It’s a friendly pattern so i didn’t even need to use google translate. 😉 I omitted the buns on her head.

I also finished the following items today and yesterday:

A small rainbow heart (using Freshstitches’ Valentine’s heart pattern)…
[Insert photo of rainbow bracelet here]
A ripple-band rainbow bracelet (a free pattern on Ravelry)…

& a bunny coaster i designed coz i couldn’t find one online. This is for a colleague whose birthday was on Sunday.

I have one WiP at the moment…a Tubby the Tabby amigurumi for a friend’s daughter. I do hope to finish it before Friday…or latest, Sunday.


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