Daruma doll

I’ve always liked loved Japanese dolls..from kokeshi to daruma. But… the traditional daruma always look so fierce. Here’s my take on a crocheted daruma doll.

I wanted it to work like the real daruma. You know… where you paint one eye when you make a goal (to signify your commitment to achieve your goal). Place the daruma in a visible place so that you’ll be reminded of your goal. Then you paint the other eye when the goal is achieved (to say Thank You). You can also write the goal you achieved on the back of your daruma.
For my daruma, it has snap buttons at the back of the eyes and on the face (making this daruma reusable!).

There’s a pocket at the back so that you can keep the eyes till you have made a goal.

You can also write your goal in the pocket.
I’ve searched the net and there’s not many crocheted daruma around. I do believe that this design is the first of its kind…it’s not just a doll. It’s a functional daruma doll.


4 thoughts on “Daruma doll

  1. hi. i was searching for a daruma doll pattern and yours came up and i really love the idea of the snappable eyes and pocket!! do you happen to share or sell the pattern for it XD? i would love to make it as a gift for a friends since its so meaningful!

    1. Hie Stef… i do have the pattern in my notebook but it probably doesn’t make sense to you since i just wrote a bunch of numbers and squiggles. I’ll see if i can find the time to do up a proper pattern but no promises ya. Thanks for showing interest in my Daruma doll! =)

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