Lots of love, coasters & doodles

It’s the first day of the lunar new year. How did i spend thr first day in the year of the Horse? Crocheting lots of love! I made 4 heart shaped coasters to add to the 2 i finished yesterday (pix of the first two shown below).

They will be posted to my buddies. Don’t tell them ya! It’s supposed to be a surprise to each of them.

I also made this rosy heart brooch:

Not sure who i’m giving this to. Maybe mom. I’ll just put it in my knick knack box for now.

The past few days was also spent crocheting. Here are my makes:


Lots of coasters!!! I love the flowers. It’s a pattern for dishcloth but coz i used a DK instead of worsted, it made a good coaster. I didnt really like the hole in the middle of the heart so i only made one using that pattern.

Today is the last day of the animaldoodleaday challenge. Here are the last group of doodles:

It had been a wonderful January. I do hope the rest of the months will be just as wonderful.


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