2D crochet items, doodle challenge update and …

My hands were busy yesterday. I finished a few crochet items (ok they were small items and very quick to finish) which includes the travelling owl in my previous post. These were the items i made (and they are already in the mail to my Ravelry friends in the States):

A 2D quirky yellow house (a free pattern on Ravelry). The pattern intended it to be a brooch but i didn’t attach a pin to the back and will leave it to my friend (sorry i can’t mention names coz it’s supposed to be a surprise) to decide what to make of it.

A heart shape coaster (another free pattern found on Ravelry) for another Ravelry friend who has been going through a rather rough time where her hands are concern. I do wish her a speedy and full recovery coz a crafter’s hands are most precious.

I have also started on the mini for my swap partner in the Around The World In 80 Days group. I just need to add the eyes and accessories. No photos yet coz it’s meant to be a surprise as well.

As promised in one of my previous posts, here’s the next 10 doodles for the animal doodle a day challenge on Instagram:

Which is your favourite? The Instagramers seem to love cat most.

I also started on another square. It’s supposed to be 12-inch but mine only came up to be about 10-inch coz i used DK instead of worsted weight yarn.

I think one round of HDC and two rounds of DC should do the trick.


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