CAL and doodle challenge

This year, i’ve decided to be more organized. It’s not really a resolution (coz 90% of the time, resolutions get dissolved before the year ends). Just something for me to keep better tabs of my craft makes.

I started off by moving the things in my Ravelry queue into either my favourite list or my library. Then i rebuilt the queue with things that i will really make. I currently have 18 items. Hopefully, i’ll get through the list and finish everything in the queue when the year ends.

I’m also going to make at least one ami per month. The various CAL on Ravelry will make sure it happens. I’m also going to make at least one square a month since i’ve joined the Block-a-month CAL group on ravelry. Here are 2 squares for January:

Easy Daisy 6-inch granny square.

Lemony Lime Citrus 12-inch square.

Apart from CALs, i’m also taking part in an animal doodle a day challenge on Instagram. It’s a month long challenge. Here’s the first 10 animals:

If you wish to see my upcoming doodles on a daily basis, then follow my Instagram account “bisukiut”. Otherwise, i’ll post an update here after the next 10 animals are done.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

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