WiPs… UFOs!!!

I looked through my craft cupboard and found several UFOs! They were projects i started much earlier in the year.

The first is this infinity hooded scarf.

I finished the scarf part but have only gotten through a bit of the hood before chucking it into my project bag to be forgotten. ^^; I don’t remember exactly when i started this project but i do remember that it was after i finished the first infinity hooded scarf (which according to my Ravelry project page was at the start of June).

The other UFO i found was a ziplock filled with granny squares and what look like a design sketch.

I was going to make a jacket by combining the squares.

I do hope to finish these to projects before the year ends. The Holiday Scavenger Hunt i’m participating in one of Ravelry’s forum is a great motivator. The scarf will be entered as item 4. Finish an UFO older than 3 months and the jacket will be for item 3. Complete a project that uses more than 500 yards of yarn. Wish me luck!


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