Neko-chan is born in Singapore. She will travel the world for a bit before heading off to the States to live with a girl named S.

Except for her hair (all ami doll’s hair are tedious to make), Neko-chan was a breeze to make. I finished her in a day (even the hair).
[Photo will be inserted later. I can’t seem to find it right now.]

Then i couldn’t decide if she needed a tail. So i posted on the forum that S’s aunt is on (i’m doing a swap with her… the aunt, i mean) to ask S for her opinion. She said Neko-chan would look better with a tail. So i made the tail with a pipe cleaner inside to make it bendy.

I proceeded to add wings (removable ones) to Neko-chan. It’s kinda flimsy though. I don’t like how it flops around. Anyone has ideas on how to make them sturdy?

I’ve brought Neko-chan around a small part of Singapore (just my daily route) to start off her travels. She will be on her way to the next host come Monday. I do hope S and Neko-chan will have many lovely adventures together.


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