Costume maker

The company i’m working for is having its first theatre production. Since we are on a tight budget, i was asked by the production manager a.k.a my collegue, K, to help out with the costume. She gave me this (which she found in the storeroom):


Which is actually a pair of maternity shorts:


She wanted it to become a pair of overalls. 0_o I managed to figure out a way to convert them. This was the first draft (i should have sketched it out first but there wasn’t anytime):


I wasn’t satisfied with it. It just looks…off. =p So i thought about which animal would be able to spray out the hearts and came up with this:


Looks waaaay cuter. Satisfied, i worked on the other overalls. MiniSharon and MTChrisie helped me cut and pin…


…and miniSara helped me to sew.
It took us the morning after (the day of the set up) to finish both overalls. It was well worth the effort.



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