the adventures of Mop Top Me

Mop Top Yaney (henceforth will be referred to as MTYaney) has reached the first destination on 8 Aug 2013.
DSCN2600_mediumI am staying with MagicalAmigurumi in Indiana. MagicalAmigurumi made a small rug and MTYaney is seen here testing it.
DSCN2685_mediumI love it and it matches my scoodie!

On Sunday, 11 August, MTYaney had an adventurous day with MagicalAmigurumi’s son. Check out the cool things she did:
DSCN2691_medium DSCN2697_medium DSCN2703_mediumThen MagicalAmigurumi brought MTYaney outdoors on 12 August. A live cicada landed on my hair! gaaaaah!!! MTYaney didn’t freak out but i would. ^^;
DSCN2772_medium DSCN2795_medium DSCN2797_medium2I’ve never seen a real cornfield before. I’m so glad MTYaney gets to see it on my behalf. A whole field of corn and soya bean! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *runs around excitedly*

I wonder where else MagicalAmigurumi is going to bring me to…


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