Ancient reptiles

The K2s are going to learn about dinosaurs this month of July. I bought a dinosaur e-book pattern on Ravelry a month back coz Justyna designs the cutest of these ancient reptiles. Amidst cleaning out my closet (literally) and reading a book, i managed to finish three of them.
First born was Steven the stegosaurus. His plates are something to be impressed about. He loves eating hotdog with lots of mustard. Do take note that he only eats mock meat. So if you ever feel like treating him to some hotdog, make sure it’s the vegetarian version. 😉

Second came Pleu the plesiosaur. He just loves swimming around. His dream is to win the Olympic gold medal in the freestyle swimming category.

Lastly, I would like you to meet Pteri the pterodactyl. Pteri loves drawing. His favorite subject: food. Check him out with his rendition of the cupcake.

I’m going to make more dinosaurs!


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