patchwork round up

I was going through my stash (coz i signed up for this stash buster swap on Ravelry) when i realized that i have lots of felt scraps. I started thinking of various things i could do with them:
-keep them for making amigurumi noses and eyes (i’d have to keep them for quite a long while coz i don’t seem to have the mood to make ami at the moment)
-throw them away to make space for other stuffs (Noooooooooo~)
-give them as part of the stash buster swap (errr… on second thought maybe not. especially not the teeny tiny pieces. the bigger ones maybe yes)
-make them into cute felties

These are the things i managed to make…




…and i love how they turned out, i’m already thinking of more designs to make. So stay tuned ya! 😉


2 thoughts on “patchwork round up

    1. Thanks Rebecca! I miss making ATCs and doing the swaps too. I’ll try to join in again soon… Maybe in August/September?

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