Handphone cover

I went across the causeway on Wednesday with mom and our neighbour. It was just a day filled with good food, lots of walking and some quite a bit of shopping. I bought a transparent handphone cover (the one with a transparent back which i couldn’t find here) & a pair of B.U.M Equipment shoes. Mom wanted to buy a handphone cover too but they didn’t sell any for her handphone model. Her old cover is pretty worn out with scratches on it.
Since she didn’t manage to buy one, i offered to make her one. I finished it this morning. What do you think?

The plastic part and magnets are taken from mom’s old handphone cover. The rest is made from felt with an index card in between the outer and inner felt layers. She loves it! Yay!

My handphone is sporting a personalized cover (that’s the reason why i wanted a transparent cover). Check it out:

I plan to change the design from time to time. If you have any suggestions on what should be on my handphone cover design, leave me a comment ya!
P.S. i haven’t been making any amis lately. =(


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