needle felting evening

it’s the 1 week school holidays here in Singapore. my nieces and nephew came for a sleepover today.
my niece is into crafts and has been making some 3D felt cupcakes and other ‘baked’ goodies. so i thought she might like to do needle felting. she LOVED it! she is very creative. check out the things she made in just one evening:


a very nicely made heart and a cute fish. she also made a fake iPod which i didnt manage to take a photo of before it was whisked away by her younger sister.

my nephew was playing games on their shared iPod. when he saw the things that his sister made, he wanted to make some too. here are his handiwork:


a circle, a MineCraft character and a rock. he didn’t use any mold and just did everything with little help from me.
of course i had to join in the fun. i made a sheep. now Shaun has a friend. 😉



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