Measles the Kitty Sock Doll

Today i went to a Kitty Sock Doll making workshop. It was a three hour workshop organized by the company I’m working in.2013-02-23 13.28.02

Isn’t he a cutie? At first it didn’t look like a cat. The person conducting the workshop made a sample cat that had a strange placement for the head. I didn’t quite follow her cat’s head, tail & legs placements. I find this way of attaching the body parts much cuter. Anyway, here’s the WiP photos:

PhotoGrid_1361606823637You need a pair of socks. Then you have to cut it accordingly. Turn it so that right sides are facing and backstitch around. Stuff and sew on the parts. Presto! A kitty sock doll! 😉 Here’s a photo of the cats born on the same day (done by my colleagues & i):

2013-02-23 13.23.38Oh wait! The stripey pink one is the sample cat. What do you think? Strange placement? I do love the expression on its face though. Anyway, I am going to make more of these for sure. I’ve already received 3 orders for these cute kitties. 😉  If you know of any patterns for other animal sock doll, do let me know. i would love to explore this craft.


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