mary jane & WiP

i finished my very first pair of adult shoes…my favourite type of shoes… a pair of Mary Jane!


that’s me chilling with the Mary Jane. 😉 it fits nicely with socks on. Alas! it’s a little loose without the socks. in sunny Singapore… that’s not very practical as indoor shoes. so maybe i’ll just wear it in the office where it’s normally freezing.

here’s a look at the Mary Jane without my feet in them:


as much i love how easy this pair is…i think i’d prefer ones with soles.

i’m working on a knitting project for my brother’s birthday since yesterday. can’t post a photo of it here in case he pops by. it’s just an insignia square at the moment. i haven’t decided what i want the end product to be. if you have any suggestions of what i can use the square for, do leave a comment. i appreciate your help.

2 thoughts on “mary jane & WiP

    1. so i heard from a friend who went home to visit his family in the UK that the temperature there is at a max of 3 degrees. 0_o
      hope you are well and warm there.

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