WiP… and chocolates

Hie everyone! I’ve been really busy this past week. Lots of custom orders to finish. There’s a change in management at my day job. So it’s been a rather hectic time.

I’m just glad i have crochet to help me unwind. Currently i’m trying to finish a zebra keychain and a bunny headband. Hope to be done by the end of the week. Then maybe i’ll start on that Pororo & Venom amis.

I made some chocolates for my colleagues the other day. Actually…i didnt really make them from cacao beans or cocoa powder. I didn’t have time to buy pure coconut oil. So i melted some choc buttons and poured them into moulds. Some of them had strawberry jam fillings. Others had Milo powder fillings. The really small molds were left plain. The rest were mixed with rice crispies so they were like the Nestle crunch. Here’s a pix of some of the chocolates.


Cute eh? Winnie the pooh & Stitch! Most of them love the ones like Nestle crunch. The one with Milo was deemed too sinful. 😉


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