Posies hairclip… &WiP


Made these posies at the request of a colleague. She didn’t give any specifics except that it isn’t pink and using a crocodile hairclip (as opposed to a snap on hairclip). So i made a few to give her some choices. These are the large posies from PlanetJune’s free posies pattern (have i told you that i LOVE PlanetJune’s patterns?).

I’m currently knitting a pair of socks. I just joined “A dozen socks in 2013” group on Ravelry. The first pair is a pattern by Freshstitches that i’ve had for a looong time but never got around to making. Here’s my progress:


That’s right after turning the heel. So far no problem. Will post again when i’m done. In the meantime…have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Will you be doing any crochet/knitting today? 😉


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