Looking back on 2012

The year 2012 is coming to an end. The Mayan’s prediction didn’t come true. I’m really glad about that. I’m not ready to face the end of the world (& i don’t think i’ll ever be ready).
This year has been filled with challenges on the regular work front. But kawaiicuteness has been having a pretty good year. Here are the highlights:
-Received 2 big commissions. The 1st was 15 human amis by June & the 2nd was 13 animal amis by Rina. A big thank you to the two of you!
-Made Glib the travelling gnome who really did go travelling…without me! Glib’s been to  Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Bandung (courtesy of my friends. Thanks Sue & Dian for taking care of him).
-Learnt to knit, needle felt & wet felt from Lynne. She’s such a kind soul that i met on ravelry. I hope she’s having a lovely time back in England (i forgot which part she’s from) & look forward to more crafting with her when she gets back.
-Ignited mom’s interest in crochet. She ended up using almost all my stash to make bags in various sizes! After she was bored with bags, she asked me to teach her to make flowers. She made a whole bunch of flowers and then some cushion covers. Mom is such a fast crocheter!
-Made my very first granny squares cowl. It was part of a swap in the freshstitches ravelry group (my very first cowl swap! I usually swap amis).

That’s my kawaiicuteness 2012 in a nutshell. I hope 2013 would be a good year (for kawaiicuteness, my real job & personal life) with more commissions (which i would be able to commit to) & more cute amis to make. 😉 I’d love to learn to bead crochet and make my own personalized crochet handle.


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