Happy Holiday (plus 13 new amis)

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday! May the day be filled with lots of joy and fun times with your families.
Here are 13 of my ami friends who are getting new homes this Christmas:


Starting from the extreme right we have Buddy the parrot, Bess the pink cat, Dusky the grey cat, Draco the dragon, Patrick the peacock, Tina the toy poodle, Tony the tiger, Paul the polar bear, Cess the green fish, Dell the dolphin, Spunk the horse, Coco the parrot and Pi the purple fish.


2 thoughts on “Happy Holiday (plus 13 new amis)

    1. Thank you, Laura. Yes I did have a wonderful day! =) Spent it with my nieces and nephew. I read from your blog that you had a great time yourself. 😉

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