Diary of Glib the gnome

Hey there! It’s me again. =) You’re not bored of me, are you? Well i do love sharing my adventures. I hope you like reading about them. Today i went across the causeway. That’s a term they use here in Singapore when they go over to Johore Bahru. Here’s a photo collage:


First we went to a wedding lunch reception. They had this pink guava drink served in a pinkish cup (top right). The food was nice too. The host gave us a paperbag filled with goodies (middle right). Then we went to Mydin & Lakin. Yaney didn’t get anything from the former but she really did shop at the latter. She bought some scarves and a pair of shoes. Her mom bought a pair of shoes too and some Dunkin Donuts (bottom left). Then we stopped over for some teatime snacks at Singgah Selalu. I loved the otah and this potato swirl snack (bottom right). When we wanted to get back to Singapore there was quite a jam (top left). But we managed to get home within an hour. Now it’s time to just relax. Yaney’s working tomorrow. Guess i won’t be going out much this week. Till next time! XoXo Glib


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