Diary of Glib the gnome

Today Yaney brought me out first to her ukulele course then to a knit out (KO for short) for Singapore Knitters group in Ravelry.

But more importantly… Would you be so kind as to join me in wishing Yaney a Very Happy Birthday! 😉


Now on to my adventures! We passed by a place called Salt Tapas and Bar while on the way to Yaney’s ukulele course. They had a lovely feature on their wall which made for a great photo (as you can see from the above photo). What do you think?

Then we went over to Woodlands where the KO was held. We were there on the dot but seeing that it’s her first KO and she doesn’t recognize anyone except for Lynne (who was only arriving an hour later), Yaney bought a christmas brownie and a pure chocolate peppermint ice blended. Yummylicious! I was practically drooling when this photo was taken:


As Yaney made new friends at the KO, i did too. This knitted bunny was done without seaming.


How cool is that? Very cool if you asked me. And everyone complimented on how cute and gorgeous i was. *blush* It was a great day out for me and i’m sure Yaney had a pretty good time too.

Till next time… Take care everyone!


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