WiP … Lots of headbands

Hie everyone! I hope you are doing well. I had a fantastic weekend performing in front of a hundred colleagues. We made some blunder with the chords but everyone seemed to applaud the whole performance anyway. So maybe we weren’t as bad as i thought. =p
Anyway… The knitted headband I made in the previous post was way too big for my niece. It had 109 CO stitches! So I made another one for her with only 77 CO stitches. It fits like a charm. 😉 I will include the photo of the finished headband (it has a ladybug on a leaf attached to it) later. The photos in my mobile that is currently charging at the moment. (edit: below is a photo of the headband)

Since I finished one headband that fits nicely… I thought I would make more. But this time I stuck to crochet. It’s much faster! I managed to finish 3 and a half in an evening.

These will have flowers attached to them. Will share with you the photos of the flowers in another post.

P.S. 6 days to my birthday!


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