Happy Children’s Day

It’s Children’s Day here in Singapore. That means I could take leave from work without worrying if there’s another teacher relieving my classes.

I still work up early though. Did some crochet before heading out to the cinema to watch Taken 2. Great show! Loved the action, the family ties and that guy’s ability to track. A tip if you get kidnapped: if you are conscious, count how many seconds pass by before something happen (the vehicle you are in turns, the smell of welding metal, etc). Hee… I only didn’t like one thing about the movie: the bad guys were supposedly Muslims but a real Muslim wouldn’t sport a tatoo nor would they seek revenge for the dead coz true Muslims believe that life and death are preordained by God. Death will come to you not a second faster nor a second later.

After the movie, I went to Kinokuniya. I wanted to see if they have the new book from Ann Paula Rimoli. Alas! I couldn’t find any copy there. Instead I ended up buying the following magazines:


Tomorrow, I’ll be meeting Lynne. She’s going to teach me how to do needle felting. Yay! Can’t wait!


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