Harry Potter exhibition

I finally went to the HP exhibition at the ArtsScience Museum here (I’ve been wanting to go since it first came here). Guess who I went with. Mom! And Nadiah, someone I regard as a sister (mom was her nanny when she was a baby till she’s about 3 or 4 years old).

We had a great time at the exhibition. Too bad there was a no photography allowed rule. A lady tried to sneak a photo using her mobile but was caught by the officials and she was asked to delete the photo.

Personally I loved the exhibition (my colleague said her friends went and they didn’t like it) but it was a bit too short. Before I knew it, we already reached the souvenir shop. I adore the costumes on display. If they ever had a HP themed D&D, I’d probably wear Madam Hooch’s green quidditch costume, Bellatrix Lestrange’s dress or Cho Chang’s ball gown. Hermione’s ball gown is just too lovely. I don’t think I can pull it off. Talk about pulling, it was amusing to pull out the mandrake root. The noise was annoying though. >_< Mom was sporting. She tried her hands at throwing the quaffle into the goals. She had to try a few times before it went in. The main point is that she didn't give up.

Mom had a few suggestions to make the exhibition better. There was the Boggart cupboard on display. While we were looking at a prop displayed next to it, a person (one of the officials. I think he was taking a break on the other side) came out of the wall in between the two exhibition. Mom said it would have been better if they had come out from the cupboard. It would add to the excitement. She also felt that they should have the Mirror of Erised. Nadiah then added that it'll be cool if the mirror would react to touch…that a character from the show would appear in the mirror or something.

These are the only memorabilia from the exhibition. There were too many people queuing at the photo booth that we didn’t bother to wait and see the photo we took wearing gryffindor house scarf. I think I’ll have a HP movie marathon the whole of tomorrow. 😉

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