Diary of Glib the traveling gnome


Today was fun, Fun, FUN! Went to Jurong Bird Park. Passed by the Singapore Flyer (bottom left corner). We got a little lost finding the bird park but managed to backtrack and quickly found the place.
First stop were the flamingoes (top right corner)! I love their vibrant pink feathers. They sure love to flock together. There were lots of other birds. I love the Lory Loft. A short tree top walk with birds flying around freely. One bird even flew towards Yaney and perched on her shoulder. They were that friendly. =)
We went to the manmade waterfall. It was the tallest manmade waterfall when it was first built. After that we went to watch the bird show (bottom right corner). Clever little things, they are. One bird could sing in various languages. I am absolutely amazed.
I am sooo tired now. I’d better take a nap. Then i need to pack my things for my trip to Malaysia. Can’t wait!


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