Mini Domo-kun and knitting WiP

Yay!!! I finished mini Domo-kun today. He’s got a pin on his back coz the person wanted to make it into a brooch. He’s about the size of my thumb.


Today i met up with Lemonmadeira. I got to know her through Ravelry and she offered to teach me how to knit. So we met up at the Rail Mall (my 1st time there). However, it was kinda bustling with people. So she invited me over to her place instead. She has a lovely home. Here’s what i’ve done so far at the end of 2+ hrs.


I know it’s not much. I’m slow at knitting especially during cast on. I have difficulty in ‘hooking’ the yarn. Guess i’m too used to crochet. =p I won’t give up though. Btw Lynne was kind enough to let me bring home her circular needles.


2 thoughts on “Mini Domo-kun and knitting WiP

  1. Wow great progress on the knitting! Congratulations! And that’s fab that you met up with a fellow Raveller. I’m meeting up with a blog friend of mine on Saturday, the internet is brilliant for bringing fellow crafts together! That Domo-kun is sooo tiny! I’m very impressed 🙂 Laura x

    1. Thank you, Laura. Yes i do agree that the Internet is brilliant for bringing fellow crafters together. 😉 Hope you have a wonderful meet up on Saturday.

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