I’m on leave today (coz of the long weekend due to Eid). I accompanied mom to the airport to fetch my bro and his family who just came back from visiting his in-laws. The in-laws came over as well and will be here for a week.

I was bored after the trip to the airport. I didn’t feel like taking a nap. Didn’t feel like reading a book. Got tired of surfing the web and wasn’t in the mood to make any amigurumi. So I looked the list of crochet things to do on my Ravelry page and saw this pattern:
Granny Square Crochet Purse
It looks easy enough and should have been a quick project.

This is how far I’ve gotten:

It is definitely going to be bigger than what I expect. It’s not that there’s an error in the pattern. It’s just that I misread it. But by the time I realized my mistake, I was already at round 6 (which was kind of half way through and I didn’t want to frog it). So I’ve decided to mAke it bigger instead. The final size should fit my iPad. I hope it can withstand the weight. I’m going to line it with felt cloth so that it’s sturdier (I hope it WILL be sturdier).


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