Lina the ladybug coaster

My SiL asked if i could make her 2 coasters coz her current coasters are made of glass and she didnt want to accidentally break them.
I tried looking through Ravelry for a suitable coaster pattern. Didn’t find anything that screams her name. So i just came up with this:


The spots were a tad challenging coz i didn’t make them from the usual 8ply yarn. It’s some sort of thread that someone gave to me a long time ago.
I also went to the science centre to visit the mini makers faire. It was awesome! There was a banana piano (with real bananas as the keyboard), a guy who made electronic musical instruments (like guitar and trombone) using pvc pipes and magnetic door stopper, a bamboo amplifier for iPhone… and lots of robots. I even tried my hands at lino printing. My very first attempt! It’s really easy. Check out my print:


Ooops… Sorry the orientation is wrong. ^^;


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