Friday the 13th

Who said Friday the 13th is unlucky? I had lunch at home and happened to open my mailbox. Amongst the many bills and pamphlets, there was an envelope from UK. Imagine how excited it was. I have been waiting for a swap package to arrive so when I saw it, I couldn’t wait to open it. But I had to check where my partner was from. Coz we are not supposed to open the package till a certain date arrives. It wasn’t from my swap partner, so I opened it with much excitement. Lo and behold! Here’re the things I found inside:

The cutest little teacup, 2 flower coaster that I’ve been wanting to try making but haven’t gotten round to that yet, 2 stitch markers with blue beads (my fav color!), and a card. They are all from Laura! She has given me an RAA (that’s Random Act of Ami). Thank you, Laura (she’s the author of strawberrymousecraft)! I love them all!

Then while I was on the way to the centre, Cuzie asked me if I’m free in the evening to go to the Singapore Garden Festival. A mutual friend of ours had extra tickets. Of course I’d love to go! It was wonderful to see the various flowers on display. Too bad it was a spontaneous outing n I didn’t bring my camera. Cuzie did let me use his for abit. Oh! I almost forgot to mention that Sinar was hanging around me the whole day. So he posed among some of the floral/plants/garden display. Will post the photos when I get them from Cuzie.


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