Amigurumi course

It’s Saturday morning and where am i? Attending an amigurumi workshop. 😉
All of you must be wondering why do i need to go for an amigurumi course when i already know how to make them. Just because i want to of course! Hehe… I thought it’ll be fun to crochet along with other people. It’s lonely to always crochet alone.
Anyway… Here are the stuffs they brought along:


Edit: The course went for 3 hours. I learnt how to make the magic ring. Like finally, right? I’ve tried to self teach myself but was never really successful. So yay! Now i know how to do the magic ring.

We didnt get to finish the whole amigurumi though. Here’s what i managed at the end of 3 hours:

Will have to finish up at home.


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