Cath Kidston

My rainbow fairy is coming along just fine. I’m left with only the wings and hair. Hopefully I can finish it today so that I can mail it out tomorrow. It’s going to be a surprise gift for someone on Ravelry.

Since I wanted to finish it today but have already made plans to go out, I thought that i should bring it out with me. I could work on it during the journey there and back home. This Cath Kidston wristlet that I received as a teachers’ day gift last year seem to be the perfect choice.


After I finish this rainbow fairy, I’ve two projects to work on.
1. Two Barney that my colleague ordered. I’ve already started on it but still need to figure out how to continue.
2. Test a dragon pattern for Stacey. Yay! I saw the dragon pattern on Ravelry (it’s a pre-order) and purchased it immediately. When I received an email from Stacey asking me if I would want to test it out for her, I almost jumped for joy. Of course I want to! =D

I’d better stop here for now and go back to the hook if I want to finish that fairy.


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